Saturday, March 12, 2016

phpMyAdmin work during twenty third and twenty fourth weeks

I  engaged in a mix of bug fixes and improvements (including refactoring) during the fortnight. The bugs fixed and attended are as follows.

Bugs fixed
issue #12073 Hide edit and delete buttons when the results are not related to a table
issue #12085 Like search strings being escaped incorrectly

Bugs attended
issue #12071 Syntax error in PMA, not at command line client
issue #12074 Invalid export
issue #12087 Add support for JSON data type (in MySQL 5.7)

I went on to refactor the code that handled bookmarks. I used object orientation and updated the existing unit tests to suit the refactored code. Moreover, I updated the metro theme to be compatible with the upcoming 4.6.0 version, so phpMyAdmin has, at least, one additional theme compatible with the new version.

Clean up dead code
Refactor bookmark handling code

Other improvements
Update metro theme to be compatible with 4.6.0