Monday, August 15, 2011

Twelfth week of GSoC

During this week I was mainly engaged in doing some wrapping up work. I started the week with studying about unit testing in PHP. This was totally new to me. I installed PHPUnit into the eclipse environment where I could run the unit tests from the IDE itself. Moreover writing unit tests for PHP was also new to me. I refered to the PHPUnit manual and it was a great source of information to understand how unit testing works with PHP. Also going through the unit tests that was there in PMA I could get some additional knowledge about the writing tests.

With this I started writing unit tests for the code I've written during the summer. I started with unit tests for classes I used for GIS visulaization. Sooner I realized I could make the tests more compact and avoid some code duplications by properly OOPying the tests and went on to do so. I also worte unit tests for the functions in the library files related to GIS.

Later during the week I looked into the documentation of my work. Going through each funcitonlaity I found most of the features to be quite straightforward. However importing ESRI shape files needed some documentation and I provided that as FAQ. I aslo updted the phpMyAdmin wiki with the same details.

With all this my GSoC project has basically come to an end and I'm quite satisfied with the GIS support we have now. However I will work with the team to imporve it further and fix any bugs.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eleventh week of GSoC

At the beginning of the week I worked on some functionality related to the GIS editor. Earlier I tired to provide the functionality to edit GIS data using the  OpenLayersMaps and it was not a success due to some bugs in the GUI level. As per the instructions of my mentor I revived this effort and the code is in the 'GIS_Editor' branch. I completed the back-end code related to this, but I am still having the same old problems in the GUI level. However the back-end code is working.

Later during the week I looked into the exporting of GIS data into SVG, PDF and PNG formats. I had had a worked on this feature earlier and it was on a working condition. I added the support for labels for these exports and did some small work to make the feature better.

During the next week I'll start the wrapping up work. I will be working on documentation needed, unit test where appropriate, etc, etc.