Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eleventh week of GSoC

At the beginning of the week I worked on some functionality related to the GIS editor. Earlier I tired to provide the functionality to edit GIS data using the  OpenLayersMaps and it was not a success due to some bugs in the GUI level. As per the instructions of my mentor I revived this effort and the code is in the 'GIS_Editor' branch. I completed the back-end code related to this, but I am still having the same old problems in the GUI level. However the back-end code is working.

Later during the week I looked into the exporting of GIS data into SVG, PDF and PNG formats. I had had a worked on this feature earlier and it was on a working condition. I added the support for labels for these exports and did some small work to make the feature better.

During the next week I'll start the wrapping up work. I will be working on documentation needed, unit test where appropriate, etc, etc.

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