Tuesday, November 18, 2014

phpMyAdmin work during the sixth week

During the week I mostly attended to bugs. Please find below the list of bugs fixed and attended during the week.

Bug fixes
#4582 Debug SQL works only for the first page
#4581 Some links in query_result doesn't work
#4404 Recordset return from procedure display nothing
#4584 Edit dialog for routines is too long for smaller displays
#4585 Multi query results not shown
#4588 Moving, renaming, dropping actions in table operations page results in token mismatch
#4589 Can not add new procedures

Bugs attended
#3588 X-WebKit-CSP Header breaks Safari
#3940 Content Security Policy errors with Safari 5.1
#4061 No error message when calling an insert stored procedure with too few parameters
#4590 "Browse Foreign Values" not working

In addition to the above I was occupied with upgrading the result showing for multiple queries. Earlier it is at a very primitive level where all the rows are shown without limiting and no additional browsing features present. I refactored the result showing mechanism to reuse it for the multiple queries. However, it was decided that the changes might make the upcoming release 4.3 unstable and now it is targeted for version 4.4. Here is the pull request


Following feature requests were also implemented during the week

Feature requests
#1556 Disabling Show all
#1553 InnoDB presently supports one FULLTEXT index creation at a time

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