Tuesday, November 4, 2014

phpMyAdmin work during the third week

This blog post was due for sometime. However, I couldn't write it since I was busy attending the GSoC Reunion and doing some sight seeing in the USA afterwards.

During the third week of work I continued to focus on stabilizing the code for upcoming version 4.3 release. I was mainly attending to performance improvements related to the usage of information_schema. Following are the bugs addressed by the performance improvements

#3869 Count(*) on information_scheme.INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE with a huge bufferpool
#4243 Super slow page rendering with tens of thousands of DBs
#4513 phpmyadmin run very slow (information_schema)

Additionally hide_db, only_db directives were fixed as part of performance improvements fixing the following bug

#3820 hide_db, only_db not working in left panel

Further following bugs were also fixed

#4259 reCaptcha sound session expired problem
#4560 PHP error on master branch
#4564 Designer: spaces in table name with edit table link generates bad links
#4557 PHP fatal error
#4568 Date displayed incorrectly when charting a timeline
#4561 PHP error in transformations
#4431 Wiki page on charts is out of date

Two security issues were also identified and fixed during the third week.

#4562 XSS in debug SQL output
#4563 XSS in monitor query analyzer

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