Tuesday, April 26, 2011


OpenGIS data types are supported in MySQL since version 4.1. However the users of OpenGIS data types are deprived of numerous functionalities that are being offered by phpMyAdmin on other data types.

OpenGIS data types are different to most of the other data types supported by MySQL. For people to make sense of OpenGIS data it is necessary that the data is visualized. This project addresses this issue by visualizing GIS data in numerous instances.

Typing Well Known Text format to enter or edit GIS data is a pain when the data being entered is complex. This project will make it easy for the users to enter GIS data, both simple data types as well as those relate to a spatial reference ID (SRID), using intuitive interfaces in both the cases. A similar improvement is proposed for editing existing data.

The search functionality offered to other data types is not sufficient for GIS data. For example a user might be more interested in searching for all the points that lie in a user specified polygon rather than searching for a point based on equality or a simple comparison criteria. I wish to facilitate this requirement by extending the traditional search with ‘function based search for OpenGIS data types’.

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