Monday, June 20, 2011

Fourth week of GSoC

Last week I was able to get the 'Visualizing GIS data related to earth's geometry with OpenStreetMaps' functionality up and running. I was mainly concentration on getting the functionality to work rather than on minor details.

This week was mainly spent on perfecting the what was done during the last week. When visualizing GIS data with SVG I used the label column values to provide tooltips. With OpenStreetMaps I could correctly place the label column values on the plot itself. I also worked on proper initial placing and zooming levels. It makes no sense to display the whole world map when the data is only for a particular portion of it. So now the visualizations zoom and pan on initial load to display the data in a more meaningful manner.

I improved the look and feel of the visualization. Now both SVG based and OpenStreetMaps based visualizations are using the same controllers for zooming and panning. Same time I was engaged in improving the documentation comments for the classes and functions I introduced.

More style changes were done to make it look better including the introduction of new icon for the visualization functionality, borders for SVG based visualizations and change of cursor when dragging etc. I also included the OpenStrretMaps JavaScripts in phpMyAdmin which was earlier downloaded on from the respective URL.

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