Sunday, October 11, 2015

phpMyAdmin work during first and second weeks

I started my second year as a contract developer for phpMyAdmin project on 1st of October 2015. However, this year I have limited my hours, working only on part time basis. I hope to work for 20 hours a week. Since there were only two days on the first week I am combining the work done on the first week with that of the second. 

The first two weeks was totally focused on bug fixes since there was a constant steam of bugs from the newly released 4.5 version. Most of the bugs were related to the rewritten parser and I got good insight on the new parser while trying to fix some of these bugs. Following are the bugs fixed.

Bug fixes
issue #11521 Notice of undefined variable when performing SHOW CREATE
issue #11522 Strange behavior on table rename
issue #11526 Foreign key to other database's tables fails
issue #11539 Rename table does not result in refresh in left panel
issue #11544 Notices about undefined indexes on structure pages of information_schema tables
issue #11546 "Visualize GIS data" seems to be broken
issue #11548 Confirm box on "Reset slave" option
Fix notices while changing from HASH type to RANGE type
UI does not support inserting multiple values for JSON functions
Tracking does not make sense for information_schema
Fix cookies clearing on version change

Moreover, following bugs were investigated during the period.

Bugs investigated
issue #11515 Multi source replication is not recognized
issue #11538 Copy multiple tables to database
issue #11536 Format of exports looses SQL on 2nd export
issue #11547 "distinct" removed from query while query result export to excel

I plan to spend more time on refactoring in the coming weeks.

Leave days - 7th Oct

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