Thursday, April 7, 2016

phpMyAdmin work during twenty fifth, twenty sixth and twenty eighth weeks

This is my final blog post reporting about the work I have carried out under the phpMyAdmn developer contract. However, I will continue to contribute to phpMyAdmin in a voluntary basis.

During the period, my focus was solely on bus fixes. This was mostly due to the continuous stream of bugs we were receiving and most of the bugs were related to the newly released 4.6 version. 

Following are the bugs fixes during the period.

issue #12092 Rename exported databases/tables doesn't seem to work
issue #12099 Undefined index: controllink
issue #12094 PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function __()
issue #12116 Fulltext indexes are not copied when using copy database function
issue #12125 Cannot highlight a column if I scroll down from the top of the table
issue #12132 Can not open table with JSON field
issue #12143 Cannot login with certain password

Additionally, I attended to the following bugs.

issue #12088 Improper comment creation and escaping with Percona 5.7 (` instead of ', extra "AS")
issue #12091 Import file does not working when data have \' (4.6.0rc2)
issue #12101 Change or remove "Slave replication" "Reset slave"
issue #12104 Copy Database no longer working
issue #12115 Relations vs Orphans
issue #12139 Import Export error
issue #12130 Error for Browser when got error 500
issue #12149 Class 'PMA_Util' not found

Moreover, I attended to following pull requests as well.

issue #12113 Add new server variables
issue #12136 Fix offering JSON datatype in incompatible MySQL versions

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