Monday, December 1, 2014

phpMyAdmin work during the eighth week

As mentioned in my last blog post I started working on the token mismatch issue that we received a lot of complaints about for so long. The main issue was that both http and config authentications were not able to refresh the page when when PHP session expires. I implemented a solution similar to what we used for cookie authentication on session timeout which would refresh the page with new token. 

I also attended to regular bug fixes reported within the week. Altogether here is the list of bugs fixed and attended.

Bugs fixed
#4605 Unseen messages in tracking
#4606 Tracking report export as SQL dump does not work
#4607 Syntax Error during db_copy operation
#4608 SELECT permission issues with relations and restricted access
#4227 Token mismatch when using HTTP AUTH and the SESSION expires
#4280 Error: Token mismatch
#4387 Token mismatch (one server http auth, one cookie)
#3893 Token mismatch error on every action

Bugs attended
#4569 Issues with Relation View dropdowns
#4409 Not displaying results of archive table

During the latter part of the week I concentrated on refactoring and code improvements. I improved the database and table level tracking pages with facility to enable/disable tracking for multiple tables, ability to delete multiple versions of tracking etc. I also worked on displaying results of multiple queries. This involved quite a lot of changes since most of the work had been done assuming that only one result set would be displayed. This work continued to the next week. So here is the list of feature requests and refactoring done during the week.

Feature requests
#1562 Allow tracking multiple table at once from database level tracking page
#1564 Improve action message on Tracking page

Refactoring and code improvements
Refactoring database level and table level tracking pages
Refactoring query results display page to facilitate display results of multiple queries at once

PS: I took the day off on Monday, the 24th.

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