Sunday, December 21, 2014

phpMyAdmin work during tenth and eleventh weeks

Here I am combining work done on two weeks since I was on leave for four days during the latter week and there is no point of writing a separate blog post for just one day of work.

During the tenth week I concentrated solely on the bug fixes as a load of bugs were reported during the week. Most of them were on the 4.3 series and this indicated that more and more people are starting to use the new version, which is great.

So here is the list of bugs I fixed during the six days

Bugs fixed
#3794 failure to handle repeating empty columns when importing ODS
#4617 UI issues with sortable tables
#4625 "Insufficient space to save the file" on export SQL to file on server
#4626 Ctrl + click on a column not is sort triggers a server call to erroneous url
#4627 "file_get_contents(examples/create_tables.sql): failed to open stream" after update
#4628 PHP error while exporting schema as PDF
#4629 Problem with custom SQL queries using cookie authentication
#4630 AJAX request infinite loop
#4631 Server selector submits two server parameters
#4632 Notice in ./libraries/Util.class.php#1916 Undefined index: query
#4633 Wrong parameter in fetchValue
#4634 Error reporting creates an infinite loop
#4638 Default Export Method setting broken
#4639 Export SQL missing indentation first field
#4644 Error when browsing tables
#4646 Version Check Broken
#4649 Attributes field size smaller than others

In addition to that I attended to the following list of bugs

Bugs attended
#4438 “Token Mismatch” Error In Safari via MAMP
#4589 Can not add new procedures
#4641 Zeroconf PMA tables support
#4642 phpmyadmin often fails to load due to specific load order

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