Tuesday, December 9, 2014

phpMyAdmin work during the ninth week

This was a four day week since I was on leave on 3rd Wednesday.

During the week I was more engaged in code improvement work opposed to putting effort on bug fixing compared to previous weeks. The jQuery and jQuery-ui versions phpMyAdmin was using were too outdated and it needed an upgrade for sometime. jQuery was stuck at version 1.8 since there were major changes in upgrading from 1.8 to 1.9. This included a set of methods removed such as .live() and .die() methods which were deprecated for sometime. However, these methods were heavily used in phpMyAdmin making phpMyAdmin stuck at version 1.8.

I started with going through the upgrade guide for jQuery 1.9 [1] and inspecting the phpMyAdmin for possible breakages in case of an jQuery upgrade. There were heaps of .live() and .die() methods to be replaced and more instances of other methods removed. 

Then I went on to check each of jQuery plugins for their updates as most of them were pre 1.9. Some of them had updates - the ones that are actively being developed -, while for the others, I had to patch them to be compatible with jQuery 1.9+. Now after much effort phpMyAdmin uses jQuery version 1.11.1 and jQuery-ui version 1.11.2.

Code improvements
Making code compatible with jQuery 1.9+ and upgrading phpMyAdmin to use latest versions of jQuery and jQuery-ui
Upgrading phpMyAdmin to use latest versions of jQuery plugins where newer versions are available and upgrading other jQuery plugins to be compatible with jQuery 1.9+

Bug Fixes
#4615 SQL highlighting in process list breaks on auto refresh
#4616 Warning on db structure print view page
#4618 Page scrolls while GIS visualization is zoomed in/out with mousewheel

Security fixese
#4611 DOS attack with long passwords (coordination)
#4612 XSS vulnerability in redirection mechanism (coordination)

[1] http://jquery.com/upgrade-guide/1.9/

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  1. (Not sure if my last comment went through. Blogspot has to be one of the worst experiences for writing a comment).

    I hope we look at moving away from jQuery to native JS soon. Native JS is much faster with DOM lookups and manipulation, allowing for a snappier interface, including sorting and reactivity to mouse and keyboard commands. There shouldn't be a reason for you to "upgrade" javascript, it feels like a waste of time when you could just write native.

    Lastly, "Copy database to:" doesn't work in 4.1.5, not sure if that bug still exists in 4.3.x?