Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eighth week of GSoC

What I had on schedule for the last week was the GIS data editor. Since I had already started some work on it, basically a version for browsers that does not have JavaScript support enabled, I had a clear idea what I was going to do. During this week I worked on the Ajaxified version of the GIS data editor. The look and feel of it was inspired by the enum editor we have in PMA. 

I worked on the following features.
1) When the users clicks on the pencil icon next to a GIS data field, it asynchronously loads the GIS editor as shown in the image above.
2) When the data type is changed, correct set of input fields are loaded via AJAX and the interfaces is updated.
3) Adding new data points, inner rings, linestrings. polygons are handled with jQuery rather than having to use AJAX
4) When a value is changed the output shown at the bottom is updated.

During the next week I will be working on.
1) Fetching the visualization along with the initial loading of the GIS editor.
2) Updating the visualization when the user changes the data.
As I did previously, I will use both SVG based visualizations and visualizations based on the OpnStreetMaps. For those browsers that do not support SVG (older IE versions), I will use PNG images.