Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ninth week of GSoC

Ninth week of GSoC was not productive as I wanted it to be. However I managed to stick to my schedule by the end of the week. 

During this week I worked on finalizing the GIS data editor. I integrated the data visualizing capabilities to the editor, so as the user edits the data visual feedback is provided. Similar to the GIS data visualizer, this provides visualizing is done with SVG and for the data related to earth's geography OpenLayers maps are used with data from OpenStreetMaps. For those browsers that do not support SVG, bitmap images are used. Here the visualization is updated with AJAX while the user is editing.

During the coming week I will be working on the 'function based search' feature which would enable GIS users to perform an advances search using the functions provided in MySQL for GIS data.

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