Monday, January 12, 2015

phpMyAdmin work during the fourteenth week

Fourteenth week of phpMyAdmin work drew my attention to both bug fixing as well as feature request implementations. 

Since the bug rush had slowed down a bit I had the chance to look into feature requests. At the beginning of the week I went though the feature requests tracker and identified a set of rfe s the made sense and implemented some of the during the week. So following are the new features that were added during this week.

Feature requests implemented
#347   Allow table with transformed column anywhere in FROM clause
#1450 Improve handling of missing function in ImportXml
#1525 Generate keys one per line, like foreign key constraints
#1590 Recaptcha API v2
#1580 Individual Zeroconf PMA tables support

I enjoyed fixing a very old rfe, #347, which I wanted to see in phpMyAdmin for some time. Implementing rfe #1580 Individual Zeroconf PMA tables support was motivated by the recent work I did in the same area. I also enjoyed upgrading the reCaptcha feature to its new API.

Routine bug fixing was also carried out during the week and following are the list of bugs that were implemented and investigated.

Bugs fixed
#4685 Call to a member function isUserType() on a non-object
#4686 Select elements flicker and selects something else
#4687 Designer breaks without configuration storage
#4688 File permissions in archive
#4691 Do not include console when no server is selected

Bugs investigated
#4510 QBE generates wrong query
#4646 Version Check Broken

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