Wednesday, January 7, 2015

phpMyAdmin work during the thirteenth week

During this week I attended to a mix of feature requests as well as usual bug fixes. First few days of the week was mostly spent on implementing new feature requests. One of them were regarding the facility to format SQL and I tried implementing it with CodeMirror. CodeMirro did not have formatting rules for SQL and I added a set of simple rules for SQL. However, CodeMirror developers have discontinued developing/supporting the formatting module.

Feature requests
#1582 SQL formatter (proposed)
#1567 Sever Variables Table UI Improvements
#1572 User prefs: Diff-friendly JSON for config

Second half of the week was dedicated to fixing bugs related to phpMyAdmin configuration storage. It started with a fix for ZeroConf functionality, however the fix went on to be quite big (more of an implementation than a fix), taking pretty much two days. I noticed a number of shortcomings in the configuration storage while fixing this bug and I attended to those bugs as well.

Bug fixes
#4675 phpMyAdmin should be able to work without 'examples' DIR
#4676 Auto-configuration issues
#4677 Advanced feature checker does not check for favorite tables feature
#4678 Some of the data stored in configuration storage are not deleted upon db or table delete
#4679 Setup does not allow providing a name for favorites table
#4680 Number of favorite table are not configurable in setup
#4681 'Central columns table' field in setup does not have a description
#4683 Relational data is not properly updated on table rename

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