Saturday, December 12, 2015

phpMyAdmin work during tenth and eleventh weeks

During the two weeks most I attended a mix of bug fixing, implementing new features, refactoring and unit test improvements.

I did not realize that some of the unit tests were not running as part of the test suite unit Michal pointed out and included them. However, this caused quite some test failures as most of the recently added and updated tests had not been running. These were fixed at the very beginning of the period.

Unit Testing
Fix unit test failures related to refactoring

Quite a number of bugs were fixed during the two weeks and some more were investigated. Following are the list of bug fixes attended.

Bug Fixes
issue #11701 Show create procedure SQL
issue #11706 Database export template not saving compression option
issue #11710 Unable to add/remove `on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP` option while editing a timestamp field
issue #11724 Temporary fix for live data edit of big sets is not working
issue #11728 CSV import skip row count after
issue #11732 Exporting feature does not work with union table
Exclude db name in SQL when relations are made between table in the same db
Buffer pool and InnoDB status details are not shown for InnoDB

Bug Investigations
issue #11722 Excel import improper handling of dates/times
issue #11732 "Browse Foreign Values" Search broken across databases in 4.5.2
issue #11734 No result shown, if writing statement, comment, single select

Inbility to reorder parameters of routines had bothered me in the past. So, as requested in issue #11701, I implemented the ability to do this.

Feature Enhancements
issue #11701 Allow changing parameter order of routines

Moreover, continueing the refactoring effert from last fortnight I went on to refactor server engines page. This involed introducing a controller class and using templating to adhere to MVC pattern. Unit tests were also updated to match the new classes.

Refactor server engines page to use MVC pattern 

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