Saturday, January 2, 2016

phpMyAdmin work during twelfth, thirteenth and forteenth weeks

With my personal engagements and summer break, I worked only for 13 hours during the three weeks. During the period, I was mostly engaged with refactoring work and improving the unit testing. 

Continuing from the last couple of weeks, I refactored the server plugins page to use the MVC architecture. Code segments that were previously in a library file were moved to a controller class and instance variables were introduced as required. The view was changed to use templating and unit tests were updated to match the new classes.

I also went on to improve the unit testing by introducing a parent class to all the unit tests. With the new class, configuration values are reset to their default values for each test class. The idea was to make unit tests independent from changes made to configuration values in other unit tests. Meanwhile, unnecessary configuration values assignments in tests were removed.

Additionally, following bugs were investigated during the period.

Bugs Investigated
issue #11743 Display routine-specific privileges under Database > Privileges
issue #11751 Bug when export template is selected

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