Tuesday, February 10, 2015

phpMyAdmin work during the eighteenth week

Eighteenth week saw most of my time spent on implementing feature requests. Marc also suggested I do the same as potential GSoC students were looking into bugs. Similar to the last week I started going through the feature request tracker giving priority to older ones. Some of the requests were out of date either because they had been implemented already or did not make sense for the current version. Following are the lists of feature requests implemented and investigated.

Feature requests implemented
#954  Allow SALT in ENCRYPT function
#1074 Renaming of colums referenced as foreign keys in InnoDBs
#1174 Comment removed from query -> no comment in db function/proc
#1179 Speed up slow triggers by using EVENT_OBJECT_SCHEMA
#1260 Setting LoginCookieValidity > session.gc_maxlifetime

Feature requests investigated
#1070 db_structure.php : column for table creation and update date
#1126 Allow SQL query textarea growable / resizable
#1129 Allow designer to show other Databases
#1253 Show per table privileges

Meanwhile, I also attended to a set of bugs.

Bugs fixed
#4592 Editing columns (tbl_structure.php) is incredibly slow
#4706 Schema export doesn't handle dots in db/table name
#4745 Tracking does not handle views properly
#4748 Column name center-aligned instead of left-aligned in Relations
#4750 Disable renaming referenced columns

Bugs investigated
#4742 CSV export of query result fails with name problem

Since most of the application use JSON heavily, I wanted to add a transformation to display JSON content for some time and during the week I had time to implement it.

Code improvements or refactoring
New transformation for JSON content stored in databases

Note: I was on leave on Tuesday, 3rd February.

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