Friday, February 20, 2015

phpMyAdmin work during the nineteenth week

During the week I continued to focus on feature requests. I went onto clean up the feature request tracker by implementing, marking implemented and duplicate ones and even rejecting the ones that did not make much sense. Further, as per Marc's suggestion, a set of feature requests chosen by me was discussed at the monthly IRC to decide on their faith. Following are the list of feature requests implemented and investigated during the week.

Feature requests implemented:
#937  Relations with views like with tables
#1208 Linking from information_schema
#1235 Relation view: move to main "Structure" page
#1241 Browse Field -> Search
#1549 Reset auto-increment when exporting structure
Ability to disable foreign key check when emptying tables

Feature requests investigated:
#448  FK relation popup DHTML window based on multiple fields
#620  (Relations) Display multiple fields for relations
#947  Show edit/delete also when there is calculated column
#1509 Metro theme update to work with 4.1.8
#1526 Make export sql more friendly to side-by-side comparison
#1599 UNIQUE/PRIMARY key index for a partitioned table

Bug fixing did not receive priority this week since a set of keen potential GSoC students were looking into bugs. However, whenever I came across a bug I fixed them. That is why the following fixed bugs do not have bug numbers :)

Bugs fixed:
Remove extra column heading in view structure page
Add missing confirmation when deleting tracking report entries
Add missing confirmation when deleting central columns

Bugs investigated:
#4758 Firefox with auth_type to http with multiple server doesn't work anymore

A couple of weeks back I worked on improving both db and table level tracking pages. However, I still felt that those pages were not in par with other pages and went onto do a number of UI improvements to them. These included sortable tables, adding missing icons, adhering to various UI configuration etc. More UI improvements were done to the central columns page as well.

Code improvements:
UI improvements to the db, table tracking pages and central columns page
Fixing bugs reported by Scrutinizer

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