Thursday, February 5, 2015

phpMyAdmin work during the seventeenth week

During this week I spent more time on feature requests compared to other weeks. Since there are a large number of feature requests most of which are relatively old, I started by going though the older ones. Some of them were quite old that they did not make sense in the current context. However, I found a couple of quite interesting ones which were missing in phpMyAdmin and went on to implement them. Following are the feature requests implemented.

Feature requests implemented:
#719  More details in PDF relation view
#767  USING BTREE support for HEAP/MEMORY tables
#801  Built-in transformations and relations
#1096 Cannot enter connection for federated engine table

While attempting #767 I improved the current interface for editing indexes by adding more options which are supported by newer version of MySQL.

I also engaged in usual bug fixing and following are the bugs fixed and bugs investigated.

Bugs fixed
#4729 Display original field when using "Relational display column" option and "Choose column to display" is empty
#4730 Notice while browsing tables when phpmyadmin pma database exists, but not all the tables
#4734 Default values for binary fields do not support binary values
#4735 Floating menu bar appears on top of jQuery dialogs
#4736 Changing display options breaks query highlighting
#4738 Header lose align when scrolling in Firefox v35
#4739 Make index editor work without the Ajax dialog
#4741 In ./libraries/Advisor.class.php#184 vsprintf(): Too few arguments

Bugs investigated
#4732 Some databases not showing
#4733 config parameter 'only_db' ignored

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